Foot Warts / Verrucas


Warts are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV)  that gets into the skin through breaks in the skin. HPV infection is acquired from direct contact with an infected individual or contaminated floors such as communal showers and changing areas of swimming pools.

Each person’s superficial skin has layers and warts grow in the deepest layer of skin. They are usually painful to stand on because they contain tiny nerves and blood vessels.

This is a common problem for many young children because their immune system does not completely develop before the age of 12 or 14, so they don’t fight off the virus as well as adults would. Treatment before this age takes into account whether your child is in pain or if the verruca is growing.

How can The Podiatrist Podiatrists help you?

  • We can work out what the problem is- wart/verruca or a foreign object like a piece of glass or a thorn.
  • We can treat it conservatively by removing the top layers of skin and treating it with acid which takes time, but works in many cases.
  • We also use immune boosting tablets you can get from a naturopath. They are non-invasive and kids usually don’t mind them
  • We can perform surgery if required. However this is usually done in those 14 years and older who have failed to respond to conservative treatments.
  • Our podiatrist have experience in a number of proven treatments to help deal with problem warts/ verrucas