When a child walks or runs the feet usually point straight ahead. However for some children their feet may point inwards. This is commonly referred to as “pigeon toes” or in-toeing. If this occurs your child may trip and frequently stumble when they are walking or running. They should not experience any pain. This can be a normal part of your child’s development and for most children this is corrected naturally over time. However, in some cases treatment may be required.

As a parent you may notice your child develops intoeing as soon as they start walking but it can develop in older children also for a variety of reasons. Tripping as a result of in-toeing usually lasts for 1-2 years, as children learn how to compensate for the problem. The question parents face is whether or not to seek help and treatment.

If you are concerned about your child’s in-toeing, bring them into The Podiatrist and let our experienced podiatrists assess your child’s gait and feet. The podiatrists can let you know if the intoeing is part of a normal developmental pattern or if extra help is required to correct the issue. They can also give advice on the best footwear for your child’s growing feet.

How Can The Podiatrist Help You?

  • At The Podiatrists, our podiatrists will thoroughly examine your child’s feet.  We will perform a biomechanical assessment and observe the way your child runs and walks.
  • We can assess their footwear and give advice on the right shoes for your child.
  • We can prescribe and fit orthotics if necessary.

In-toeing can sometimes be a phase that your child will out-grow. Our expertly trained podiatrists at The Podiatrists will be able to establish this and will only intervene and treat if necessary.